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지금은 소녀시대. 앞으로도 소녀시대. 영원히 소녀시대!♡

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"I want to be like the four seasons. In Spring I will be fresh; in Summer, passionate; in Fall, refreshing; and in Winter, warm."Lee Soonkyu


Taengsic in the language of flowers

  • Aster : Symbol of love; Daintiness
  • Forget-me-Not : True love; memories; always remember me
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"You feel secure having just one close friend, but having 8 close friends is even better." - Sunny

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mindcapture; maybe i’d be happier with just going if i were in a car driving down an empty road. i want leave soon, i want to run away and drive straight. i’m drowning in a never-ending cycle of life. i was born, i went to elementary school, then grade school, then high school, and now college, and soon i will graduate and get a shitty job that i hate, and i’ll meet a guy who i don’t even know and marry him and have little clueless babies and then i’ll die a meaningless death. what kind of life is that? (x)

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delicato ♡ do not edit

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"the thing i suddenly remembered was your smile"

56/? queen taeyeon pictures

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